Plants Vs Zombies

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Plants Vs Zombies
3.5 (70.99%) 151 vote[s]

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Battle waves of squishy, slimy monsters in Plants vs Zombies. This relentless online free “tower defense” strategy game is an addictive and unique take on a Plants vs Zombies style game. Hordes of shambling zombies approach your house at a slow gait, which is increased with each wave as your opponent zombies take on wider and scarier forms. Zombies with cones on their head, for example, which provide the perfect protection from your peashooters.

One of the top tips for this game is to make sure you create enough energy generating plants. If you run out of energy when a big wave of enemies approaches, you’re going to be in a difficult spot. Set up a good foundation of sunflowers before the round gets underway and you should have enough energy to take down even the strongest waves. Use your skills and different plant soldiers carefully! In Plants vs Zombies, the enemies start out innocent enough but increase in strength round-by-round.

Date Released:

September 2015

Developed by ZT LLC

Available on:

Web Browser

Best features:

Wave-based combat with various enemies
Target-focused and AOE spells at your disposal
A fun take on the classic Tower Defense format

Plants Vs Zombies
3.5 (70.99%) 151 vote[s]
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