Hungry Shark

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Hungry Shark
3.5 (69.77%) 129 vote[s]

Game controls

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In Hungry Shark, a free online Shark game, you take on the role of… you guessed it – a Hungry Shark. Face off against waves of tasty-looking fish who sink right into your belly after a few gnashes of those sharp teeth, and huge submarines firing torpedoes at you. Whoever heard of animal rights anyway? It’s okay though – you appear to be some sort of genetically modified shark with the capability of firing explosive balls that not only decimate fish but pierce right through the soft underbelly of your mechanical enemies.

Collect power-ups, destroy submarine after submarine, and survive for as long as you can as the Hungry Shark. Make sure to keep your shark fed, otherwise, you’ll flop to the bottom of the ocean (not technically the way it works, but we can overlook this scientific flaw in a free online game) and rot away to turn into food for crabs, shrimps, and other bottom-crawlers. So there you have it: take back control of the natural world in Hungry Shark.

Game Features:

– Collect power-ups and destroy submarines
– Incredibly tense gameplay
– Striking and appealing graphics

Game Information:

Available on:
– Web Browser
– Mobile Browser
– iOS
– Android

Hungry Shark
3.5 (69.77%) 129 vote[s]
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